The reader feels like they are in the scene and there is an authenticity that shines through Brook’s writing.


I love-love-love all aspects of Blood Hoax…..the characters are true to life and ever so convincing. The storyline moves efficiently and with clarity. So entertaining to learn what is woven into the next page and the next and next.

Am so looking forward to Patti’s next novel in this series.



Blood Hoax is a mystery novel unlike many others. It has not one, but two mysteries, plus a romance. Horse lovers will enjoy the intrigue surrounding the horses on Beckmere farm and their heritage. Mystery lovers will find a gripping tale of a man searching every possible lead to find his love, who suddenly disappeared. The potential downside of weaving together multiple storylines is confusion for the reader. Patti Brooks manages to skillfully go from one plot to the next as Ike follows one lead, then returns to the farm. I don't know much about horses, but it sure feels like the author is knowledgeable about the horse industry. In addition, she does an excellent job of explore diverse destinations in the Northeastern states.
The following three reviews are re-printed from Amazon: For anyone who loves horses - and especially those who love Morgan Horses - Blood Hoax is a real treat. Patti Brooks has a long history with Morgan Horses (be sure to read her author profile) and the details in this story are right on target about both the animals themselves, the trainers and methods, and the industry of the breed. I loved the intriguing plot premise of using a GPS to search for a missing lover! Brooks has several plot lines moving through this story, but keeps them well organized and easy to follow. There are quite a few characters, but they all have distinctive personalities and, though there is a bit of "head-hopping," the dialog carries the reader smoothly from one interaction to the next.
Brooks has written a solid mystery with realistic characters and believable dialog. Protagonist Ike Cherny is determined to find his lover who disappeared overnight, but most of his leads go nowhere. In the meantime another mystery with dangerous angles and potential financial disaster unfolds at the horse farm where Ike works to make a living. The threads of the two mysteries are woven together well. Brooks clearly knows her horses, but the novel should appeal to a wide audience beyond horse lovers.
Blood Hoax is very much a novel in the spirit of Dick Francis. Brooks gives us an insider look at a high-end horse farm but also lays out a very complex and intricate storyline with Ike Cherny as a unifying character for sub-plots. There is a confidence to the character that though the woman he loves is missing; his life and job go on. He looks for Tuleigh, following the GPS, when he can slip away. Theres a desperation in that he is practical enough to realize that the visits wont really lead anywhere but hopeful enough to travel as far as he must to not miss any scrap that might help. Brooks hops around quite a lot in the story line. Ike has a lot on his plate. Instead of becoming confused, Brooks manages the story so that all plot lines run simultaneously and there are no great breaks in focus. Ike must deal with KD and then hes out to look for Tuleigh. He must deal with the scheming Pippa and then back to doing what he can do. He has a tie to the farm in Annie, a horse that he deeply loves, so the reader suspects that he will always come back. Blood Hoax was a very solid and interesting mystery. If you are a person who likes the work of Dick Francis and Nora Roberts (her romance stories that are more plot driven), you will like Blood Hoax.